The Future
Sleek, Innovative, and Reliable. Turn your ATM into an absolute cash cow!
Genmega 2500
With 4g wireless box
This is our top selling ATM machine! Most of our customers prefer this machine, because it is built like a tank. It will last you for years on end. 
· Genmega 2500 ATM 
· 1K Note Cassette (Holds up to $20k)
· Single Roll of 2" Receipt Paper
· 2 year manufacturer warranty
· Free delivery (Exludes hi & AK)
· 4G wireless box ($20/Mo, Comes Pre-Activated)
· free ATM Processing (Keep 100% of Surcharge)
$2450 + $20/Month
"Thanks for helping me get passive income"
Michael T.
"I want to give a shoutout to Chad for helping me get setup"
King Tiger
"I am very honored and very proud for my first ATM"